Once upon a time there was a large inlet with a great lake that bordered the northern part of the kingdom that was created for the common folk in a time when the dollar was strong as two pushcart oxen. In this place you had kind people who worked hard to insure a comfortable place in the kingdom and everybody was willing to share the good times that were afforded to them. You had dukes with carriages with pretty names such as Cutlasses, Gran Turismo Omologato, Landaus, Chevelles , Challengers, and Wildcats. The ladies of the day were all youthful and fecund with life yet imaginable and four of these were Sister, Lil Gail, Ruth and China Doll. Sister was the oldest out if the four princesses and she hated the inlet. It was no where as pretty as the land that they had called home previously and she wanted to find a kingdom where she wasn’t such a rare bird, intelligence wasn’t placed on a premium for women in the land. So when she got old enough she took her belongings and traveled to a place called Kalamazoo on her way to the enchanted island of Hawaii. The next sister Lil Gail was the youngest and inquisitive and she had so much love in her heart that the first prince that who proposed to her only had to show that he was dedicated and they started their own kingdom that exists to this day complete with subjects and a large royal brood. The next sister was Ruth, her name came from the Hebrew word compassion and that is what she was, the immaculate tempest of compassion and strength, she still remains in the land today, showing that compassion to all of her subjects and that is why she may very well be the queen if the land because of four princesses, she was the only one who remained. The last of these sisters was China Doll, who was given that name due her small stature and enchanting looks. After many attempts from various suitors she settled on a King and that king was both generous and kind to her, however the king in his love for her wanted to possess her so sometimes he would treat her as such, over time China Doll produced and heir because the love she had for the King was incapable of being easily broken, however, with the life of a prince in her hands she decided one day to leave and locate her own kingdom where she would teach her son how to be both a gentleman and a capable ruler and today she smiles with the pride of all that knowledge within her when she sees her prince living the only way a prince should, and that is the way she taught me, my mother one of four queens. And each time I see her smile I know that happily ever after exists.